While keeping your car, truck, or SUV looking nice is important, there are other reasons to keep the exterior of your vehicle in good shape. From BB Automotive in Midland, TX, here are some tips for keeping your car looking good, and how that keeps it reliably on the road.

What types of damage occur on the exterior of your vehicle? - There are many ways that superficial damage becomes a problem down the literal road. Here are some common exterior issues that start small and get worse:

Paint chipping off - You’re most likely to have paint chipping off on the front bumper and the front of the hood. These areas are prone to damage from small rocks and debris that you encounter during everyday driving. It doesn’t take a big rock to chip through the paint at high speeds. You’re also likely to see this damage behind the wheels on the body of the car.

Clearcoat and paint damage - This can be caused by scratches and dents from door dings, shopping carts, rings, belt buckles, you name it. It is also caused by bugs and asphalt that get stuck to the paint, then are baked on by the sun or heat from the engine. Tree sap is another seemingly harmless substance that can ruin a paint job.

Age/Sun damage -  Clearcoat begins to “peel” with age, especially in sunny environments. You’ll either notice big chunks of it falling off, or you’ll see white frost-like damage to the clear coat.

Collision damage - If you run into something, or something runs into you, it’s likely that your vehicle will suffer some type of collision damage What does this damage become? As with most things, the longer a solution is ignored the worse it will get. In the beginning, it’s mostly a cosmetic issue - but at a point, it becomes irreversible. Rust begins to run its course and can get out of hand before you know it. Small paint damage has a tendency to become big paint damage, and you’ll notice more and more of it falling off around the problem area. Damages from collisions can have all sorts of bad side effects, depending on where it happens. Rust tends to develop quickly, as well as leaks if the damage affects the way a door seals against the body.

How do I prevent external damage? - To some degree, you can’t. However, there are many ways to combat it and keep your paint in great shape. Waxing not only makes a car look good, it protects it from sun damage and light scratches, and can also make already visible scratches less apparent. Washing your car regularly also goes a long way. The longer dirt, bugs, salt, grime, etc. sit on the paint, the harder it is to get off, and the more likely it is that damage will be caused.

There is a wide array of specialized products that simplify the removal of stubborn grime that soap and a rag can’t take care of. Finally, if you notice damages to your paint or the body of a vehicle, get it looked at by a professional. If it’s dealt with right away, it’ll save a lot of time and money in the long run. These issues can often be dealt with without having to repaint or do extensive repair, as long as they are dealt with before they get worse.

At BB Automotive in Midland, TX, we like to keep you happy with the car you drive. That comes down to how it looks, how it runs, how it drives, and how long it lasts. For the best auto service shop in Midland, TX, call or stop by BB Automotive today.


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